Quality warranty
The items purchased at the HA online shop will be a certificate of Diamond International Appraisal IGI.
We are producing products based on strict quality control, but please let us know if you have any deficiencies.

About handling
● Jewelry is made very delicate. Please handle carefully so as not to give a strong impact.
● Precious metals may itch and cause rash depending on their constitution, so if you feel abnormal, stop using them and consult a specialist.
● If you have intense exercise, work, take care of infants, or when you go to bed, remove the jewelry when there is a risk of harm to the body.
● Avoid wearing in high -temperature places such as saunas, or in extremely cold areas, such as ski resorts, may cause burns or frostbite.
● Please note that if cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals, hot springs, etc. are attached, jewelry and jewelry may be discolored or the texture may be impaired.

About care and storage method
● The usual care method is to remove dirt using a soft brush or the like in a lukewarm water that melts neutral detergent, and then wipe off the water with a soft cloth.
● Store individually to avoid jewelry colliding with each other.
● Please be careful not to swallow your child in a family with small children.

About after -sales service
● Damage caused by normal use within 6 months after purchase is provided free of charge. Please refer to the following for details on the repair fee.
● More than 6 months after purchase and damage caused by errors in handling will be repaired for a fee.
* Due to the characteristics of the product, or depending on the condition of the product, repair may not be accepted.
Details about return / exchangeHerePlease confirm.
Contact info@halgd.com

About repair
● Reward size
・ Free only once in half a year
* The subsequent size is within the range of ± 2, $ 7,700 (tax included).
● Finish (polished)
・ Finish (polished) ¥ 7,000
・ Request to size change+Finish for simultaneous application ¥ 3,500
● Mele
・ There is a diamond 1 piece ¥ 3,000
・ 1 piece without diamond ¥ 3,000+quote support
● Inner stone, cut off necklace, bracelet, and one of pierced earrings.

The shipping cost for the customer will be borne by the customer, and if you send it from here, we will pay our company.
If we have any deficiencies on the company, we will respond as our expense.

Repair flow
● Various repairs for HA products are available from the online shop inquiry form.
* However, please note that it may not be possible to repair depending on the condition.
● Packed the product to prevent accidents during delivery, and send it by simple registered mail or courier along with the product sales certificate (warranty) of the product to be repaired.
In addition, please contact us in advance and send it to the following when sending.
Contact from the inquiry formHerefrom

About repair
● The defects caused by normal use are available for free for 6 months after purchase.
● Ring size change is possible only once in 6 months after purchase.
However, excluding damage due to intentional accidents, loss of the main parts of the product, and resizing.
In addition, repair after 6 months or more will be charged, but please contact us as the price varies depending on the material, design and repair.
The date of purchase will be confirmed on the date listed on the product guarantee card (warranty card). Please note that if you can not confirm the date of purchase, it will be charged even if it is within 6 months from the date of purchase.

Number of days for repair
● The repair period varies depending on the material, design and condition. After confirming your product, we will inform you of the required number of days.