I really am now.
The secret of the heart of the heart is gentle and sparkling.
Labglowon diamond jewelry.
In any place, clothes, friends
The color is so colored by each person's personality.


When you wear a diamond
The feeling is clear and the heart is exciting.
The overwhelming beauty called the "king of jewelry" is
It changes the consciousness of the person who wears it.
In any place, in any clothes
Candy to your lifestyle,
By wearing a labglowon diamond jewelry
I wish you a special woman like Cinderella.
From such a thought, HA (HA) was born.


One of the quality standards of diamonds
I took the acronym for HEART & ARROW and named it HA (HA). Labglowon diamond is the main character of HA jewelry.
The simple and basic design is designed in detail so that the labglowon diamond shines, and is all created by Japanese craftsmen. And the labglowon diamond used is carefully selected, and by wearing it, the unique shine keeps your daily life.

Lab Grown

The exact same structure as a natural diamond
Mitsu Lab Glowon Diamond
It is generated in the lab (laboratory).
Keep the beauty and shine as it is
You can pick it up with confidence
The earth -friendly labglowon diamond
It is attracting attention in the world.
HA partnered with the Indian cutting factory
As Heart & Arrow emerges
It has a special cut.


If you purchase at HA, it will be delivered in an environmentally friendly jewelry box. The special package can be used not only for jewelry but also for interior and accessories.