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While enjoying afternoon tea in a luxury space
Try the HA jewelry to your heart's content
"Special salon exclusively for members" was opened in Ebisu, Shibuya -ku, Tokyo.
I can actually pick it up and try it on, so
You will surely find your favorite jewelry.

Member -only salonJewelry Salon Ebisu

General membership annual membership fee
36,000 yen

VIP membership annual membership fee
120,000 yen

Three membership benefits

  • 1. We offer HA jewelry at members only

    General members can purchase HA jewelry at 5 % and VIP members at 10 % discount.

  • 2. Invitation to afternoon tea, which also serves as a new show

    The new show will be held every month at a private terrace cafe with a new show and fitting party.
    You can enjoy HA jewelry while enjoying the afternoon tea of ​​a famous store.
    Participation fee ¥ 1,000 (1 person), general members, VIP members, and members can participate.

  • 3. Jewelry subscription

    You can purchase HA jewelry on a monthly basis or annual.
    In addition, you can purchase by paying the difference in the list price.

* We do not accept online visit reservations.
Regarding the membership of membership, we will only provide guidance from this shop.
In addition, the method of enrollment will be closed.
For more information, please contact the salon directly.

  • Open: 11: 00-20: 00
  • TEL: 03-5422-6120